sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2012

Wargrinder - The Seal Of Genocide - 2012

Extreme Black/Death Abomination signed by Warhead (Crucifiction, Perdition Temple, Angelcorpse, Naer Mataron...) 13 commands for annihilation with merciless hunger.  WARGRINDER (from Greece) plays old school Black/Death Metal, with hammering drums, guitarleads and tempobreaks, all the way, in praise of discipline and chaos glorification. In a word: Massacre!

01.A Burning Idol
02.Swallowed By Silence
03.Tombs Of The Unborn
04.Shattered Pride
05.Golden Statue Of Virtue
06.Hollow Grace
07.Ignorant Worms
08.Upon The Altar Of Purification
09.King Of A Fallen Age
10.Leader Of Promise
11.Scortched Abbatoir
12.The Seal Of Genocide
13.The Principles Of Ancient Discipline

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